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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS ON COVID - 19 General Guideline. These guidelines will help you in avoiding exposure to COVID-19 and reaching ISSB Center safe and sound. 1. Following additional items will be required by the candidates at ISSB for their personal protection. Moreover, these will be inspected at the reception of ISSB:- a. 4 x Surgical Masks (unused). b. 4 x Pairs of Surgical Hand Gloves (unused). c. 1 x Bottle (100ml) of hand sanitizer made by some authorized company. d. Tissue papers and clean handkerchiefs. e. Jai Namaz. f. Extra clothing. g. 4 x Pair Shoes Cover (Polythene) 2. Must use medical mask, while traveling, even if exhibiting no symptoms. While travelling towards ISSB, this practice will help you escaping exposure to the virus. 3. You will not be entertained at ISSB if you display any significant sign of cough, fever or flue. 4. Ideal condition is that you should self-isolate yourself, at least 14 x days, prior to joining ISSB. This will ensure your good health and better performance at ISSB. 5. Still best option is to travel on personal vehicle. 6. Don’t travel if you are sick or plan to travel with someone who is sick. 7. No Candidate will be entertain after 11:00 AM.

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Reporting Time of Candidates at ISSB Cen from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.


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Welcome to ISSB

WelcomeWelcome to the official web site of Inter Services Selection Board commonly known as ISSB, representing ISSB Kohat and its Centers at Gujranwala, Malir and Quetta. ISSB is the premier human resource organisation which selects future leadership for the armed forces of Pakistan. ISSB acts as nursery for the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The candidates reporting at ISSB are subjected to an elaborate selection system and the ones with requisite leadership potentials are recommended to undergo training in the three services academies.

FeedbackWe value your opinion and suggestions. Click here if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas that you would like to share with us for improvement. We strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible to help you concentrate on your tests and help you give your best during your stay with us.

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Army, Navy, Air Force

Our Mission

MissionOur Mission is to Select potential officers for the defence forces of Pakistan who have the requisite mental, moral, social and dynamic qualities to make successful leaders during peace and war.
The above mission sets a very sacred and tough challenge for the oraganistaion which can only be met with true dedication, selfless devotion and unflinching resolve to set and meet the standards. Inter Services Selection Board follows a set of time tested protocols to analyse and predict human personality and along the way has earned a respectable name and fame to its credit.

Test Schedule

ScheduleClick icon on left for tentative schedule of ISSB during 2nd half 2020 (Jun - Dec 2020). Please remember that this schedule may change to accomodate service requirements.


An elaborate security system is in place here at ISSB. Therefore, please be prepared to undergo such inspection/check on arrival. It will be convenient for candidates to bring least number of metallic items as possible. Your security is of paramount importance to us and your cooperation is highly valued.

Call Letter Important Notice:
Your call letters are issued minimum 20 days in advance to your test date, immediately after website is updated. You should be able to receive your call through Mail within a week time. If you do not get your call via Mail then take a print out from our website of the same page which shows your name and calling date and report for the tests on due date. To check your call click here.

Address Primary Contact:
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GSO-2 (Selection)
ISSB Kohat Cantt
0922- 9260085

Selection Centers
Click here for contact details of selection and recruitment centers of Army, Navy and Air Force.

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